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 Petro Song Da Tranding & Investment Joint Stock Company was established under Decision No. 1593 QD / BXD November 20, 2003 by Minister of Enterprise build on the transformation of the Song Da 6.12 Joint Stock Company - Song Da 12 - Song Da Corporation Company stock. Renamed by decision dated 29.06.2010 of 02/NQ-DHDCD/2010 General Assembly's extraordinary shareholders; certificate of registration of enterprises JSC 0500444772 enterprise registration code changes every 8 days 21/7/2010.
Address: Floor 4 - CT3 - FODACON Building - Tran Phu - Lao Ward Mo - Ha Dong - HN
International Name: Petro Song Da Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company.
Abbreviation: PVSD
Phone: 04.62700399
Fax: 04.62700398
Tax code: 0500444772
Account: 45010000006099 at Bank for Investment & Development of Ha Tay.
Image: Headquarters of the Company (being updated ...)
The main areas of activity: Construction of industrial building construction, civil construction and other business, exporting and importing materials, equipment, imports of raw materials, materials for cement production, shell cement, construction steel, roofing, and Business of petroleum products from oil. Carriage of goods by river, road. Estate business, hotels and travel services di ....
The unit members:
- Company Branch in Hanoi
- Branch Company in Peace
- Branch Company in Dong Nai
- Enterprise Sotraco a re-drawing - Tuong Duong - Nghe An
- Investment Company Limited & Mining Sotraco.
- The representative office of Son La, Thanh Hoa, ....
- Under construction teams: Team XD Long ...
Charter capital: 80 billion.
Code: SDP floor trading at the Hanoi Securities (HNX)